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Recent AMWS Workshops/Networking

AMWS is fully committed to the professional development of our members. As a result, we offer a variety of workshops on wetland science and regulatory updates, as well as specific networking opportunities in addition to our workshops.




Winter Botany Nature Walk (1/21/18)



Annual Meeting/Massachusetts Wetlands--Where the Wild Things Are! (12/01/17); Fern ID Nature Walk (9/17/17); Wet Meadow Nature Walk (8/20/17); Boston Waterfront Networking & Blues (8/10/17); Crane's Beach Nature Walk (vernal pool ecology) (5/21/17); Crane's Beach Nature Walk (physical geography of interdunal swales) (4/23/17); Ecology and Assessment of Massachusetts Vernal Pools (4/07/17); Halibut Point Nature Walk (1/15/17)



Annual Meeting/Navigating Wetlands Consultant Peer Review in Massachusetts: Techniques, Ethics and Process (11/18/16); Key Topics in Massachusetts Coastal Projects & Permitting (10/28/16); Social Networking at Osteria Nino and  Kings Bowl (10/25/16); Sandy Point Nature Walk (9/18/16); Pine Hole Quaking Bog Nature Walk (8/21/16); Fern Identification (7/13/16); Swamp Walk (6/19/16); Spring Ephemerals Nature Walk (5/13/16); Interdunal Swales Nature Walk (4/17/16); Ecology and Assessment of Vernal Pools (4/08/16)



AMWS Annual Meeting/Ethics for Wetland Professionals: Protect Yourself, Raise the Bar (12/04/15) ; Inland Streams: The Latest "Must Know" Regulations & Science (9/18/15); WOTUS: How the Final Rule Affects You (8/26/15); Understanding & Completing Federal Wetland Data Forms (6/12/15); How to Complete Massachusetts Wetland Data Forms (5/22/15); Corps General Permit for Massachusetts Webinar (3/10/15)



AMWS Annual Meeting: "Member's Choice" (11/14/14); Classic River Morphology (9/26/14);

A Second Look at U.S. Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in Massachusetts (9/19/14); U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Webinar on New England General Permit (NE GP) (8/27/14); National Trails Day/Joint Chelmsford Conservation Commission/AMWS Plant Walk (6/07/14); MassDEP’s Revised Regulations for Restoration Projects, with a Bonus Presentation on Solar Arrays In or Near Wetlands (5/09/14); South Shore Conservation Agents Outreach (4/24/14); Codes of Conduct & Ethical Practices for Wetland Professionals (3/28/14).



AMWS Annual Meeting/Dam Removal and Wetland Restoration in Massachusetts (11/15/13);

Best Management Practices for Wetland Design & Construction (8/28/13); Wetlands, Wetland Regulations & the Mass. Contingency Plan (for Licensed Site Professionals) (6/13/13); Networking (Topic: Third Party Mitigation Initiatives in Mass. and Other New England States (4/30/13); Deconstructing the Mysteries of Coastal Resources (3/15/13).


(  (Photo Courtesy of John Rockwood, EcoTec)



2012  Annual Meeting/Recent EPA & State Regulatory Changes Affecting Massachusetts Wetland Scientists (11/16/12); U.S. Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in Mass. (10/12/12--rain date from 9/28/12); Wetland Delineation Refresher (10/11/12); Wildlife Track & Sign Evaluation (9/14/12); Ferns Identification (8/17/12); Spring Ephemerals (4/27/12); Coastal Resource Delineation & Habitat Issues (3/30/12); Vernal Pools (3/23/12); Master Teacher Winter Wetland Delineation (2/10/12).




 (Photo right) Winter Botany, courtesy of Emily Sullivan, NEMMC; (left)

  Instructor Les Smith (Epsilon Associates) explains the difference

  between coastal banks and dunes. (Photo courtesy of Brett Trowbridge,

  Oxbow Associates)



2011   Annual Meeting/The Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act: A 15-Year Retrospective (11/04/11); Riverbank Stabilization Techniques (9/30/11); Ferns Identification (9/09/11); Wildlife Identification & Habitat Analysis (8/26/11); COE Wetland Delineation Manual Regional Supplement (6/02/11); Vernal Pools (4/15/11); Networking (4/25/11); Coastal Bank & Surficial Geology Issues Relating to Sea Level Rise & New FEMA Mapping (3/24/11); WinterBotany (3/11/11); Federal & State Regulations for Wetlands & Waterways (2/17/11).                                                         


2010  Annual Meeting/Emerging Wildlife Issues in Massachusetts Wetlands (11/12/10); Eel River Headwaters Restoration Project (11/04/10); COE Wetland Delineation Manual Regional Supplement (10/18/10; 6/25/10 & 5/21/10); Intensive Boots-Wet Bankfull (9/24/10); Zombie Flowers 9/16/10; Wetland Meadow (8/27/10); Networking (8/05/10); Identification of Bog Species (6/25/10); Advanced Soil Identification (6/22- 23/10); Wetlands, Wetland Regulations & the Mass. Contingency Plan (for Licensed Site Professionals, 6/18/10); Coastal Vernal Pools (4/23/10); Networking (4/08/10); Coastal Resources (3/26/10).

Winter Botany workshop (above right) and Coastal Vernal Pools workshop, courtesy Emily Sullivan (NEMMC)

2009   Annual Meeting/Wetland Science:5 Big Trends in a Changing Environment -- Climate Change, Stormwater, Wetland Banking, Habitat Protection & a Challenging Economy (11/13/09); Science of Headwater Streams -- What Wetland Scientists Must Know (10/30/09); IntensiveBoots-Wet Bankfull (9/25/09);Late-Season Sedges & Rushes (8/28/09); Networking (8/27/09); Ferns at Wildcat (7/31/09 & 7/24/09); Short Hydroperiod Vernal Pools (6/19/09); Wetlands, Wetland Regulations & the Mass. Contingency Plan (for Licensed Site Professionals, 6/08/09); Networking (5/13/09); Spring Ephemerals (5/08/09); Intro to New NHESP Guidelines for Vernal Pool Certification (4/24/09 & 4/17/09); Rapanos & Mitigation Guidance Regulatory Update (3/20/09).



                                                                                           Instructor John Dick (Hancock Associates) teaches 

                                                                                           Fern Identification at Wildcat Reservation, Boxford, 

                                                                                           Mass.  (Photo courtesy of Emily Sullivan, NEMMC)


2008  Networking (12/04/08); Annual Meeting/Current Science & Regulatory Responses to River & Coastal Flooding in Massachusetts (11/07/08); Wildlife Habitat Surveys (10/17/08); Classic River Morphology (9/26/08); Ferns of Massachusetts (9/12/08); Networking (8/21/08); Dry Vernal Pools (7/25/08); Networking (7/22/08); Networking (5/21/08); Spring Ephemerals (5/16/08); DEP Stormwater Regulatory Revisions (3/25/08); Networking (3/19/08);Basic Bone, Track & Scat Identification (2/15/08); Networking (2/14/08); USCOE Rapanos Guidance (1/30/08).

2007    Annual Meeting/Climate Change in New England: Projections & Policy (11/09/07); Difficult Inland Wetland Delineations (9/21/07); Identifying Herbaceous Species (6/22/07); Spring Ephemerals (5/04/07); and Winter Botany (2/23/07).

2006    Delineating & Permitting Coastal Projects (12/08/06); Annual Meeting/Wildlife Habitat Assessments & The Implementation of the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (11/17/06); Difficult Inland Wetland Delineations (10/13/06); Negotiation 101:Negotiating Public Business (4/07/06); and Ethics & Conflicts of Interest in Wetland Science (3/23/06).

2005   Annual Meeting/Getting Back in the Flow: River Restoration Strategies (11/04/05); Hydrogeology of Wetlands: Determining Groundwater Elevations for Successful Replications (10/14/05); New PGP & Buffer Zone Regulations (6/10/05); Hydric Soils as Influenced by Landscapes, Landforms & Associated Wetland Patterns (5/06/05); Winter Botany (2/11/05).

In brief, AMWS has held workshops since FY '97-'98!


Additionally, AMWS occasionally holds seminars for other organizations dealing with wetlands. Wetlands, Wetland Regulations and the Mass. Contingency Plan has been presented to the Mass. Licensed Site Professionals eight times (6/10/16; 6/13/13, 6/18/10, 6/08/09, 12/09/04, 9/15/01, 4/27/01 & 9/15/00).


Professional networking opportunities have included: 10/24/16 Osteria Nina (sponsored by Epsilon Associates and TRC Environmental); 4/30/13 Corps of Engineers, Concord (sponsored by Corps of Engineers); 4/25/11 Buca di Beppo, Shrewsbury (sponsored by Oxbow Associates, Inc.); 8/05/10 New England Environmental, Amherst; 4/08/10 Vinney T's, Dedham (sponsored by EBI); 8/27/09 Rubin & Rudman, Boston; 5/13/09 Westford Grille, Westford (sponsored by AECOM); 12/04/08 Holiday Inn Express, Westfield (sponsored by TestAmerica); 8/21/08 Rubin & Rudman, Boston; 7/22/08 Corps of Engineers, Concord; 5/21/08 Chateau Restaurant, North Andover (sponsored by Anchor Environmental); 3/19/08 Alpha Analytical, Westborough; and, 2/14/08 Alpha Analytical, Mansfield.

Coastal Vernal Pools Workshop  at Castle Neck, Ipswich, Mass. (Photo courtesy of Emily Sullivan, NEMMC)  



Vernal Pool Workshop at Wildcat Reservation (Photo courtesy of Matt Varrell, VHB)



                 Scenes from Difficult Inland Wetland Delineations     (Photos courtesy of Alicia Robinson, Seekamp Environmental)



                                                               Winter Botany (a.m. classroom)

           Instructor Bill Kuriger arranges samples.

                                       Gathering 'round the drilling rig at the 10/14/05 Hydrogeology workshop.


Taking a break on the banks of the Deerfield River                                   Looking at a split-spoon sample

(Hydrology photos courtesy Alica Robinson, Seekamp Environmental)


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