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The Association of  Massachusetts Wetland Scientists (AMWS),  formed in 1991,  includes members from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

AMWS is comprised of wetland professionals with diverse expertise in wetland functional analysis, mitigation planning, delineation, plant propagation, regulatory policy, research and education. Our members are wetland scientists, soil evaluators, engineers, conservation commission agents, regulatory officials and other environmental professionals.

Through standing and ad hoc committees, board meetings and interaction with State and Federal regulators, members have the opportunity to provide scientific expertise that can help shape State and Federal wetland policies and regulations. Our educational workshops, internet presence and publications make us a leader in wetland protection.

AMWS is a non-profit, tax exempt, member-supported organization.

Officers and Committee Members 2017-19



AMWS Board of Directors
Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting and serve two year terms.

Scott Smyers

Vice President
Richard Kirby

Stacy Minihane

Diana Walden

ImmeImmediate Past Presidentdent

                                                          Michael Howard

Standing Committee Chairs

  Government Affairs     Membership        Newsletter       Program/Education

  Glenn Wood, Esq.            Jacob Dunnell II    Dwight Dunk            John Dick  


Non-Standing Committee Chairs

                       Ethics                        Professional Networking          Wildlife

                       Michael Seekamp                 Dave Gorden                              Diana Walden

Past Presidents

Michael Howard

 John Rockwood, Ph.D.

Brian Butler

Heidi Davis
Michael Seekamp

Glenn Wood, Esq.

Gillian Davies

Paul Lelito

William Kuriger, Ph.D.

Patrick Garner

Randall Christensen

Mickey Marcus



       Association of  Massachusetts Wetland Scientists Code of Professional Conduct


 1 An AMWS member shall place wetland science and the public welfare above personal considerations in the course of

     conducting business.

 2 An AMWS member shall perform services only in areas of competence.

 3 An AMWS member shall avoid deceptive public announcements and acts.

 4 An AMWS member shall maintain the confidential nature of the client relationship.

 5 An AMWS member shall disclose any conflicts of interest to all concerned parties, in accordance with the Massachusetts

     State Board of Ethics regulations.

 6 An AMWS member shall make no representation on behalf of AMWS, except as authorized by the Board of Directors.

 7 An AMWS member shall not offer unsolicited advice to another wetland professional’s active client.

 8 An AMWS member shall not publicly impugn the reputation of another wetland professional.

 9 An AMWS member shall base all peer reviews on applicable statute, regulation, guidance, and/or policy, and on the

     materials provided for review, including, but not limited to, the permit application and associated plans or data, site

     observations, public presentations, and other pertinent materials.

10 An AMWS member engaged in or subject to a peer review shall act in an open, civil and professional manner with all

     associated parties.


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